I will not try to hide anything, Kareena talks about pregnancy

Pregancy has not put a stop to Kareena Kapoor Khan’s work. She was as busy as she was in her normal days. She is busy with endorsements and other assigemnets and also chocking out dates for ‘Veera Di Wedding’ which was supposed to go on floor in August. She is not taking a break from work and says that she is proud of this phase (being pregnant).

The 35 year-old actress said that she will not try to hide anything, "Whatever work I will do," she said, perhaps referring to a growing bump, "I will not try to hide anything, because there is nothing to hide. If the makers are comfortable with it, then I will do it."

“I have been lucky. I can’t comment for someone else. But I will pick and choose the best roles that are offered to me. I don’t look at Bollywood stereotypes. It’s a myth. I do take rest. I rest at the night and work during the day,” Kareena told reporters here.

Rohit Shetty recently said that as Kareena is pregnant, he was hesitant to approach her for ‘Golmaal 4’ but he has approached her to do a special song for the film.

When asked about it, Kareena said, “I am not thinking about that (referring to the song) right now. And why should Rohit be scared of me? In fact, I should be scared of him.

“Those who have a role for me can come up to me. I am proud of this phase. I am happy I will be doing work as I choose to be seen. Whichever film I do, I will do it the way I am. Right now we are figuring out the dates (for ‘Veere Di Wedding’).

Kareena said she will start working on ‘Veere Di Wedding’ in October and then she will resume work again post her delivery in December.

“I will go on with my normal life. I am passionate about acting. I love my job. Since the time I was in my mother’s womb I wanted to be an actor. So I will continue acting till I am 80,” Kareena said.


Source: (www.bollywoodmantra.com)