Watch: Sanjay Dutt’s sexist rants in an old commercial

A video of Sanjay Dutt making sexist remarks has resurfaced on the internet and has gone viral. The old video of 2008 featuring the ‘Khalnayak’ actor is a commercial for Haywards 5000 soda where Sanjay Dutt talks about “Mardangiri” which is in danger because of all things unmanly.

In the video, the actor says that "a new kind of dushman (enemy)" has taken over and asks all men to unite to fight it. The enemy is described as those “mards” (men) who have “long hair, waxed legs and chests, ride scooties instead of bikes and spend time in beauty parlours instead of gyms, the actual place where they belong.”

He goes on to criticise men as “behenjis,” who wear “feminine colours like pink, purple and mauve” and also urges them to keep “Bulldogs and Labradors as pets, and not Pomeranian and Poodles.”

“Let's not have anything to do with facial and lipgloss, and hand creams, and counting calories, and flowery perfumes... or flowery anything. This is the new kranti (revolution) I want to start for men.. it's called Mardangiri," he says in the two-minute video.

Sanjay Dutt is known to be Bollywood's original macho-man of the 1980s and the 90s, but even he has been seen sporting long hair, waxed chest and wearing pink and floral shirts. The actor is being trolled on social media with users posting his various pictures having long hair and wearing “feminine” shirts.

The video is a commercial and that too eight years old, when it might not have been looked upon as outrageous. But, if such an advertisement was to be made today, it would have certainly created a furore.



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