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Whether your business targets consumer or business clients, whether you sell products or services, boosting your own profile as an expert in your industry is the best way to boost sales.


At Sabrang Radio, staff members uphold the values of industry and reliability. We beat deadlines. We set our own records and then break them to ensure that we deliver, what we promise to our listeners and community they belong to. Sabrang Radio broadcasts to Calgary's strong Sough Asian community 24 hours & 7 days a week via the 94.7 FM Radio to thousands of online listeners via

Our diverse range of programs & entertainment shows reach all age groups within the community. Contact our sales team. We will create a package that meets your needs from our various advertising options.


  • Universal Acceptance - everybody would have at least one.
  • Portability - people could take it with them wherever they go. High Usage - people would spend more time with it than other media.
  • Intrusive - the ability to deliver an advertising message even when the user isn't holding it or looking at it.
  • Targetability - an advertiser could easily reach specific market segments and eliminate waste. Efficiency - inexpensive both to produce a message and deliver it over and over for maximum effectiveness.

If you want to advertise your business, let us know your requirements and we will contact you.
You can call at 403-400-0203 or email us at :